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Online Theory

Online Theory provides a convenient way for students across Canada to complete their Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) requirements for Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Theory Rudiments (previously called Preliminary, Grade 1 & Grade 2 rudiments).  The students can work in their own home & at their own pace. Any computer with internet access (including libraries, schools, & internet cafes) can be used to complete the course. When all the lessons in the course are completed & the student is ready, they may take an exam at the nearest RCM center. You may also take the course without taking an exam. Unlimited help & support is available from me by email. The only thing the student requires for Online Theory is access to the Internet & an email account (belonging to the student or parent).

How does it work?
Each student is given a user name & password to enter your own personalized theory page. When you get to your page you can see all the units for the grade. There is a test at the end of each unit. You are informed of your mark right away & an email is also sent to me so I know what your mark was. If your mark is lower than 85% you should review the unit again before moving on. Each time you visits your page you will be able to see which units have been completed & what your highest test score was. Once you have completed a unit it stays available for you to access at any time for review & study.

Start Dates:
You may start at any day of the year.
RCM theory exams are available to take in December, May & August of each year.
If you would like to be ready for an exam during a specific session you will have to plan to have the work done by then.  I can help you set up a schedule so you are ready as long as you let me know right away.

To see a sample of what this program looks like click "Students Enter Here".
Use password: 123456

RCM Requirements:
According to the Royal Conservatory of Music:
The required theory co-requisites for each grade are as follows: This means that you will only receive your certificate for your practical grade when you complete the theory co-requisite.
Grade 5 in piano: Basic Rudiments
Grade 6 - 7 in piano: Intermediat Rudiments
Grade 8 in piano: Advanced Rudiments